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Forex- Increased Trade Volumes

Automatic Foreign exchange Trading-Increased Trade Volumes

Automatic-Foreign-exchanThe belief of automatic Forex currency trading system is brain-catching.

Before the mechanization of the Forex exchange market, exchange-traded futures marketplace was the 1st to start mechanization. Then, the merchants on the Interbank spot FX marketplace decided to get closer the latest trend and moved too to the new system.

Automated Forex currency trading system helps traders to execute their trade on spot Forex exchange market automatically and anytime of the day, based on existing technical indicators and custom trading rules. There are numerous features a part of the automated buying and selling system, e.g.:

• Automatic trailing stops especially if the merchant is losing in a specific trade position;
• Account equity management;
• Stop and/or limit orders;
• Discretionary marketplace orders; and
• A range of technical analysis indicators within your discretion for enabling trend-following systems.

Automated Forex currency trading systems supports most of the next indicators (the technical support will depend on the technology used in addition to the available top features of the system):

• WMA (weighted moving average);
• EMA (exponential moving average);
• SMA (simple moving average);
• VMA (variable moving average);
• TMA (triangular moving average);
• TSMA (time series moving average);
• WATR (wilder’s average true range);
• VHF (vertical horizontal filter);
• Standard deviation;
• Trailing stops;
• Mass index;
• Fixed limits and stops, and others.

The achievement of the mechanization procedure to the Forex exchange market is attributed to many aspects, just like the next:

• Its ability to perform or execute trades in real time. Due to mechanization, a merchant can close trades within several milliseconds. It is impossible in manual systems, as previous trades are normally closed after several hours. In addition, there’s also instances wherein a merchant incurs several losses in a row that prevents him from making any fresh transactions. Thus, with automated Forex currency trading system, this problem could be avoided.

• Its ability to greater diversification. With automated trading system now in place, a merchant can trade in various local as well as international markets within varying time zones. In other words, you can place trade or close deals with different traders from various markets all over the world even at the middle of the night.

• Its ability to analyze short-term data. This feature is not available in manual trading system. Thus, traders using automated system have the bigger advantage since they can predict marketplace trends in less than an hour.

If you will consolidate the features as well as the advantages of automated Forex currency trading system, it will give you a solid conclusion: with the Forex exchange market on mechanization, you will be able to place more trades on a single day, thus increasing the average volume trades daily.

To further clarify the conclusion. Let us take the following scenario: If you are trading using the manual system, you will notice that it takes time before a merchant confirms if he will accept your deal or not. He will look on the marketplace condition first as well as the exchange rate of the currencies that you are trading with. Thus, if it takes time before a transaction will be finalized; there would be fewer trade volumes.

Now, if you are using the automated Forex currency trading system, the evaluation of exchange rates and marketplace conditions could be done within a few minutes, since Forex data are now updated in real time. Probably after less than an hour, you will be able to take your position whether you will push through the deal or not. If a Forex transaction per merchant is averaging within an hour, a single merchant can place as much as 8 trades within the regular trading hours (if he is following the day trading schedule) and additional trades beyond the regular trading hours. There are thousands of traders in just a single marketplace who can place such average number of trade per day. Combining it with the number of Forex markets around the world, the figure is just huge enough.

Additionally, the technology is changing continuously, thus there is a tendency that the average number of trades per day will increase, thus an opportunity of increased trade volumes on daily basis. With faster trade execution, that is a specific possibility.

Be thankful, the Forex exchange market is now at the helm of mechanization. Transactions are now faster, and earning money through Forex currency trading is now easier.

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Realm of Automatic Foreign exchange Trading System

Realm of Automatic Foreign exchange Trading System

Realm-Automatic-Foreign-excJust how essential is an automatic system to the Forex currency trading system?

Before we respond that query, allow us to first determine how large Forex currency trading market is. From there, we are going to know the fact that automated systems for the Forex exchange market.

It’s true that the Forex exchange market is the biggest market world wide not only in terms of average daily turnover and average revenue per trader. It’s also the biggest market in terms of participants.

You name it, we’ve got it. Check out the next:

BANKS- they aren’t only for saving money and lending capital to entrepreneurs, but they are one of the major players in Forex exchange market. Banks cater both to great quantity of speculative trading and daily commercial turnover. Well-established banks can trade billions of dollars worth of foreign currency echange day-to-day. A few of the trades are undertaken on behalf of their clients, but most are through proprietary desks.

COMMERCIAL COMPANIES- these commercial companies trade small quantities of foreign currency echange matched against larger banks and their trades produce small and short-term impact on the market rates. However, the trade flows from transactions made by commercial companies are essential factors with regards to the long-term direction of the exchange rate of a specific currency.

CENTRAL BANKS- central banks play a necessary function in the Forex exchange market. They have the control over the supply of different currency, inflation, and interest rate. In addition, they have also official target rates for the currencies that they are handling. They are responsible for stabilizing the Forex exchange market through the use of foreign exchange reserves. Their intervention in the market is enough to stabilize a certain currency.

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT FIRMS- these firms commonly manage huge accounts on behalf of their clients such as endowments and pension funds. They are using the Forex exchange market to facilitate transactions, specifically in foreign securities. For example, an investment manager bearing an international equity portfolio needs to purchase and sell several pairs of foreign currencies to pay for foreign securities purchases.

RETAIL FX BROKERS- they handle a fraction of the total volume of Forex exchange market. A single retail Forex broker estimates retail volume of between 25 to 50 billion dollars each day, which is estimated to be at 2% of the total market volume.

SPECULATORS- they are individuals who purchase and sell foreign currency echange and profit through fluctuations on its price versus well-liked methods just like interest and dividends. They perform the important role of transferring the risk to individuals who do not wish to bear it.

In Forex exchange market alone, there are already six major players partaking on the $1.8 trillion worth of daily turnover. With a large number of Forex players, there is really a need in switching from manual to automated Forex currency trading system.

Among the aforementioned major Forex players, the automated trading system is of great advantage to the speculators. Since they focus on the price fluctuations of various foreign currencies in order to profit, the real time data analysis will help them determine trades that will give advantage to them.

There are several automated Forex currency trading systems available in the market. There are also automated Forex systems that are offered for free or as part of their trading account acquired from their Forex brokers or agents. Such complimentary system packages are typically elementary trading system. Thus, if you are looking for more features, you can avail of it through additional payments.

There are two types of automated Forex currency trading system. These are discussed in the following:

Desktop-based system- all Forex-related data are stored on your desktop’s hard drive. This system is unpopular to Forex traders because all data are susceptible to computer virus contamination and other security problems. Worse, when the computer malfunctions, all essential information might be lost and cannot be retrieved (unless you have some back-up files of your own). However, it is little expensive compared to the other types of automated trading system.

Web-based system- the safety of your Forex account and other data are provided by your web-based provider. These are hosted on secured servers. It is also convenient in the sense that there will be no software required and it is universally compatible with your Internet browser.

You may also try different automated trading system demos first so that you will be able to determine the automated Forex currency trading system that suits your own preference and needs.

Even in case you are just a tiny-time Forex player, it will likely be to your advantage if you’ll use an automated Forex currency trading system for your future trades.

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Automatic Foreign exchange Trading

Automatic Foreign exchange Trading- Clever yet Effective Technology

Automatic-ForeignWhy Forex currency trading?

This might be one of the questions which are required an affordable answer. There are actually numerous investments out there you could prefer, but why go trading foreign currency instead?

Forex trading investment is exclusive in various aspects.

Its buying and selling volume is comparatively huge when compared with other market.
It has extreme liquidity or the potential of either buying or selling the currency without causing significant movement in the market price.
It has the biggest number and various traders.
It belongs to the markets that have long trading hours (24 hours each day, except during weekends.
Trading locations are almost everywhere, not just in the United States or major cities of Europe.
You can get various factors that affect foreign exchange rate.

Through the figures alone, you will notice that the average trend of Forex turnover is increasing. It is estimated to reach as high as 2 to 3 trillion dollars within the next 8 to 10 years, if the number of traders around the world will still increase. As a factually, everyone have the chance of getting a considerable slice of the Forex exchange market wealth pie, especially that the Forex currency trading marketing is now on its automation process.

The concept of automation becomes the new trend to the foreign exchange trading market. The Interbank spot Forex market has also considered switching to the automated method as well.

There are many benefits that a Forex trader can derive from automated Forex currency trading. Here’s a few of such benefits and figure out why Forex currency trading as well as other investments (futures and commodities) prefer the automated process.

Through automated process, transactions can now be done in real time. Although manual systems have existed for quite some time now, it is difficult to achieve such benefit that the automated Forex system can offer to its traders. All of the trades can happen within a few milliseconds and can be a big plus for automated transactions against the manual system. In fact, there are problems that are addressed using automated Forex currency trading especially if the trader is losing a few times in a row that prevents him from making new trades. Such problem could be addressed using the automatic trading system.

With automated Forex currency trading, you will have a greater diversification. It means that you can trade in various markets in different time zones at a time. You may execute trades with traders from Singapore or London even it is already 12 midnight in the United States. This benefit allows you a multiple exchange model option. You can use varying trading models to evaluate short-term data. This means that you will be able to predict the trend for a shorter time period, let us say from fifteen minutes to half an hour.

As previously mentioned, the Forex market is exclusive because of its extreme liquidity. This liquidity is increased when the market goes automated.

Risk management problems are solved through automated Forex currency trading. International checks, which are commonly used in making purchases on Forex market, are synchronized through automated technology. Since the transaction in an automated process is now on real time, there is a slim chance that the payments will be delayed, reducing the risk of non-payment by either parties. Although there are problems noted with the use of the automated system, it can be fixed through consistently-updated technologies.

With automated Forex currency trading market, the prediction of $2-3 trillion average daily turnover within the nest 8 to 10 years can be changed within the next 4 to 5 years. Given the quick yet efficient trades on varying time zones, automated Forex currency trading will now be among the existing lucrative business around the world.

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ACM- Your Online Forex Trading Solution

ACM- Your Online Forex Trading Solution

Your-Online-ForexIn case you are actively trading in the New York Stock Exchange, probably the most active exchanges on this planet, you need to be very grateful. Its total daily dealings are averaging around at U.S. $50 billion, which makes it the biggest stock exchange in the United States in terms of dollar volume. There are lots of persons who wish to get their feet wet on the bottom of this New York City-based stock exchange.

Yet, you’re luckier in case you are actively involved in trading foreign exchange, or usually often known as Foreign currency trading, which is considered to be the biggest market on the globe. Its average daily trading turnover is approximately U.S. $2 trillion, exceeding the combined magnitude of all other equity markets, including the New York Stock Exchange. Thus, you’re luckier since you’ve the chance of getting more profits out of that $2 trillion traded everyday.

If you aren’t yet involved in Forex currency trading, then you are currently missing the advantages of trading foreign currency—round-the-clock trading time, transactions conducted in real time, extreme liquidity, and others. Thus, you must choose to obtain a Forex currency trading account and begin trading right away.

However, just as other kinds of investment, you should pay attention to what sort of ground you are stepping into. In other words, before obtaining a live Forex currency trading account, you must be properly educated first about the background of Forex currency trading. You have to learn how you will maximize your earning potentials as well as decrease the risk that you are into through practicing with free demo accounts. Moreover, you must have a trading system to follow and the necessary tools that will help you analyze varying conditions of the Forex exchange market to position yourself on the profiting aspect of a certain trade.

When you finally know what you are getting into, you are now ready to get your live Forex currency trading account, web-based trading system and platform, and other tools that you will need in your Forex currency trading career. Most neophyte Forex traders obtain their trading accounts and platforms through a Forex brokerage company or agents. There are many brokerage firms out there and you need to be selective, or else you will suffer the adverse consequences.

If you are still uncertain which Forex currency trading company you will trust in the early start of your Forex currency trading career, why don’t you try ACM Forex? They probably got what you need and at the same time the key towards the success of your Forex currency trading career.

ACM Forex stands for Advanced Currency Markets Forex, a Swiss-based online Forex currency trading company that is founded in the city of Geneva, Switzerland in 2002. Since it was founded on that year, ACM is now one of the major Forex institutions, particularly in online day trading, with an average monthly trade volume of U.S. $70 billion. They offer their clients quick access to the speculative Forex exchange market through online dealing platforms that allows forward and stop trading of 27 pairs of foreign currency as well as of several precious metals.

If you will open a live Forex currency trading account with ACM Forex, you will receive several benefits such as the following:

• WYCIWYG or “what you click is what you get” advantage. It means that the price you clicked on at the start of the deal will be the price you are executed at, thus no single movement on the foreign currency price.
• NRFQ or “no request for quote”. You can click on any live streaming price list and there are no requisites even on fast markets. Expect that there will be no dealer intervention and timers.
• There will be no commission collected for every transaction that will be completed using the ACM Forex currency trading platform. All profits will go to your pockets and not to somebody else.
• You are allowed to have multiple online trading platforms for maximized trading flexibility.
• With ACM Forex, your risk is only limited to deposits or funds. Thus, you will never owe more than what you have invested in your Forex currency trading account. This means that there are no negative balances, whatsoever.
• You can open a live Forex currency trading account for as low as U.S. $5,000.
• There are 27 pairs of foreign currency that you can trade within several clicks.
• You have access to 24-hour foreign currency trading and technical support services even on weekends.
• There are no confirmation delays—only instant and real time trade executions.
• Secured online trading platform.
• Technical analysis and real time charting tools for your market evaluation tasks.

With ACM Forex, the start of your Forex currency trading career is as good as a veteran trader. A good jump start and continuous success awaits you in ACM Forex.

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forex trading demo shows you how it works

forex trading demo shows you how it works before you jump into it for real

Forex-TrendySooner than airplane pilots in reality fly on their own, they usually practice in simulators that re-create what flying will be like without any real risk. While foreign money trading is while risky financially while flying is physically, it makes sense that there would be a forex trading demo available, too.

A forex trading demo is a smart way for a new investor to start. Reading books and taking online courses can teach you the basics, but the best way to learn anything is to find various hands-on experience. However, with forex trading, hands-on experience could mean losing your shirt. So a demo gives you real-world training with no actual money being involved.

Typically, the demonstration comes courtesy of a brokerage or other financial Web site that has an interest in currying your favor. The plan is that once you’ve tested your skills in the demo, you’ll get into the real thing and take advantage of the paid services the demo provider has to offer — forex trading signals, managed accounts, automated trading, etc. The demo is like a free sample, offered in the hopes that you’ll enjoy it so much that you buy something, too.

For that reason, be should be highly suspicious of any Web site that wants to charge for a demo. Considering there are literally dozens of sites that offer free demonstrations, there is absolutely no reason that you should pay for it.

When you sign up for a forex trading demo, you’re given a username and password and shown the best way to use the demo system. Sometimes it involves downloading a piece of software unique to the company; other times it’s simply done over the Internet. (Several demos require Macromedia Flash, which generally browsers have installed, but which you’ll need the latest version of.) You determine how much imaginary money you want to start with, and off you go!

Once you’re signed in to the forex trading demo, you do all the things you would do if it were a real-world situation: reading the charts, following the trends, visiting online forums to find other traders’ opinions, and making trades. The trades are recorded in the forex trading demo only and don’t go anywhere into the actual market while there’s no real money involved. When the market changes, the program determines how much you’d have gained or lost based on the decisions you made. You’re able to say, “Whew! Good thing this was only for practice!” or “Too bad this wasn’t real!” And once you’ve gained various expertise using the forex trading demo, you can move on to the real thing and start making several money for real.

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